Suzanne N.
Finding Sabine was crucial in helping us create the west coast condominium apartment of our dreams. We were trying to renovate, and work on the design and implementation from on the East Coast; a very hard and complicated task. It was especially important to find someone in the LA area who could handle all elements of the project, which included complete design, restoration, furnishing and fixtures, as well as design and living accessories. We looked up “Best Interior Designers in Los Angeles” and found Freshome’s list of nineteen designers dated June 1, 2016. After reviewing all of the designers’ portfolios, history and reviews, we felt Sabine seemed to be the right fit for us. We contacted her by e-mail, giving her a description of our project. She reached out to us the same day to have a more detailed conversation. By the way, what also impressed us was that she was also listed as one of the Best of Houzz - Service, 2015, 2017 and now again in 2018. She was also recommended by the Pacific Design Services at the LA Pacific Design Center, one of only 10 designers to receive that honor. After hiring her, we continued detailed conversations, e-mails and texts covering all of our requirements and budget, which was critical, since we were going to renovate bathrooms, kitchen, lighting/electrical, floors and many more design elements, down to little details like pillow shams. Sabine was able to put together a fantastic crew from the general contractor to a complete team of vendors. And on our trips to LA, took us to amazing stores to shop for tiles, fabrics, furniture, fixtures, carpets and even a stone fireplace mantel. The shopping trips were not only extremely productive, but a fun, learning experience. Her tireless detail and drive, as well as a focus on budget and monies, allowed for us to accomplish this complex task in roughly 5 months, with only three 5 day visits on our part, to pick and decide on all aspects of the project. Sabine’s taste is impeccable, extremely creative, in addition she is a complete problem solver. She is completely reliable, trustworthy and efficient. With all of this she also remains flexible to allow our taste to come through, while maintaining a high level of excellence. Oh, and Sabine is also an absolutely delightful person and a joy to work with! We are so lucky to have found Sabine. Sometimes dreams to do come true!

Jennifer L.
We embarked on a substantial renovation of our colonial house and Sabine worked collaboratively with us, our contractor, architect and landscape architect. Our project involved a new kitchen, den, deck/patio, powder room and renovation of 2 bathrooms. Sabine did floor plans, cabinet designs and designed furniture. She guided us through the selection of appliances, bath, kitchen and plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, tiles, paint and countertops. We could not have managed without her and the results of the project are stunning. Sabine is so responsive; she listens and guides. She gives us sage advice and is gentle when I have to change course! Her attention to detail and follow up shows how much she cares about her clients and the project - no matter how small. Sabine makes the process very enjoyable, . We are about to complete the renovation for the front of the house and Sabine, our contractor, architect and landscape architect are all with us again. I cannot say enough good things.

Bob M.
Seeking out Sabine’s help was the single best decision I’ve made since buying my home. I interviewed several other designers and knew from the initial consultation at my condo with Sabine that she would be the one to turn my condo into a home. From that moment and throughout the project she’s been warm and authentic. She offers her insights, yet I’ve never felt like any decisions were ever pushed onto me. I honestly feel my home reflects me, but at a level I previously hadn’t known was possible. Throughout our conversations, Sabine picked up on what elements or combinations were important to me even though I hadn’t realized them enough to verbalize directly what I wanted. Afterward, I could only say, “That is exactly what I was looking for, but only better!”

I know compared to other projects Sabine has worked on that mine was not a large one. And even though I knew she had other clients she was working with at the same time, I never felt like I was anything other than her primary concern. She was always quick to follow up or reply and made it really fun to shop together or to get down on the floor and compare flooring with window treatments, wallpaper, mirror frames, etc.
I can’t wait to work with her again.

Evelyne O.
We have been working with Sabine for over 6 years now. First when we moved in from Canada and more recently to remodel some key elements in the house. Sabine has been an amazing design partner: she's nice and reliable, has excellent ideas and has an outstanding team of professionals working with her. She makes our vision come true, and even more! We highly recommend Sabine to anyone who wants to enhance their lifestyle.

Carl S.
We have a small 1924 bungalow and needed help with our living room after tearing out the original fireplace. I thought our project would be too small for a designer, but after looking at Houzz and seeing the beautiful designs by Sabine, I contacted her. She was so gracious and enthusiastic! From the moment she walked in, I new she would be able to transform this space into the beautiful room it is today. She directed us to a place to buy the new fireplace tile and shopped with me for fabrics at the Design Center. The couch and pillows match the tile perfectly. She has attended to every detail, including rugs, drapes, and blinds. Every day when I open the front door, I smile. I am so thankful for her generous spirit and the wealth of knowledge she brings to interior design. She was very sensitive to our budget and timetable and made this project a delight! Thank you Sabine!

Angelika S.
Sabine is professional, extremely knowledgeable and so delightful to work with! My husband and I purchased new construction. During the entire project Sabine was patient and always available to offer her expertise. Our home is modern contemporary and absolutely beautiful. We are so lucky to have Sabine and highly recommend her.

Crystal L.
We interviewed several interior designers recommended to us by the Pacific Design Center and ultimately decided on Sabine due to her fair cost structure and similar design taste. We were glad we did because we have been working with her (on and off) for almost a year now and she has been nothing but the utmost professional, detailed, and patient interior designer to work with! It has been a pleasure working with her as she takes everything you say into consideration and is very accommodating, while also sharing her professional advice at the appropriate times.

Tira R.
Sabine is fabulous! Her instincts and tastes are absolutely spot on. My favorite thing about working with her is how she listens to what the client wants and works to incorporate her vision into your vision. She is patient and offers many different ideas to help guide you to make the best choices for your taste without being pushy. Her outside resources are always on time, clean, and do great work. I would highly recommend her. 

Jennifer L.
We started working with Sabine about 2-3 years ago after we bought a somewhat dull traditional home that we wanted to be a "little less" traditional. What a perfect match we found!!! She got what we were trying to do and has helped us realize it with the just the right touch - it is a pleasure to work with her. She has the most wonderful resources (painter, furniture maker, cabinet maker...) and her ideas and eye are exquisite. Sabine listens and guides; Sabine is so responsive; her attention to detail and follow up shows how much she cares about her clients and the project - no matter how small. She makes the process very enjoyable, gives us terrific advice and we love (her) and our house more and more. We've enjoyed working with Sabine so much that we entrusted my 89-year old mother-in-law's bathroom to her this past winter. She loved the results - and Sabine.

Aurelien R.
I own two homes in Napa Valley as well as a winery. I have had the pleasure to be introduced to Sabine over 2 years ago when we decided to remodel our first house and all I have to say is that Sabine’s work was amazing, in one word WOW! It was a French country style home in the middle of a vineyard in Napa. Most recently we remodeled a 100 years old barn into a home in Napa and it turned out superb. Thank you Sabine. She was able to capture our personality, desires, needs and wants, and turned them into an amazing piece of art. She truly has talent. She respects your needs and budget and has an amazing work ethic. I would recommend her without hesitation. She is very easy to work with and super friendly. She also has a great team of subcontractors who are equally respectful and do great work. We are super happy with her services!

Jack A.
I want to express how happy I am with the service provided to me by Sabine. I am a homeowner in West Hollywood, CA. and also a psychologist in private practice in North Hollywood. Sabine decorated my condominium in West Hollywood and did everything from picking out colors for the walls, choosing window treatments, choosing furniture, carpet, etc. She had custom furniture made for our place and supervised the complete decorating job from beginning to end. She took care of any complication or issue that arose, which were minimal because of her careful preparation. We are completely satisfied and delighted with the results and receive nothing but complements on our place. We have kept everything just the way she did it...have not changed anything in the 5 years since the job was completed! 
Sabine did the same thing for my office in North Hollywood and I receive nothing but positive comments about the office. I am completely satisfied with the results. Sabine is professional, efficient, economical, and empathic. I would recommend her to anyone interested in redecorating, remodeling, or just needing advice or assistance.

Madeline R.
Sabine has exquisite taste and is always on time. She is able to discern your tastes very quickly and takes all that into consideration when her single desire is to enhance your living or working spaces. The people that she works with, architects, landscapers, etc, inhabit the same sense of style and professionalism as Sabine. Even with her impeccable taste, she is always conscience of her client’s budgets. I would not hesitate referring Sabine.

Alexandra S.
Sabine is wonderful. She is professional and has incredible taste and does everything on budget in a timely manner. I highly recommend her.

Cary B. 
I’ve worked with Sabine on a variety of projects and design challenges around my home. Consistently, she has proven to be a reliable professional who does what she says she is going to do, managing her team to deliver on schedule and on budget. She has her own sense of style and aesthetics, but does not rigidly impose them on you. Rather, she makes a concerted effort to understand your preferences and goals, and then offers recommendations and helps you make design decisions better than you ever could do yourself! The rooms in my home are each different, but they are all simply furnished and very livable. Sabine helped me modernize them and make them feel connected through color, accents, carpets, some interior building materials and fixtures.

Barbara S.
I first hired Sabine to decorate my apartment and after seeing the results, I hired her to remodel and decorate my office. She was fun to work with and had great ideas and suggestions. She's also very organized, efficient and quick, which I appreciate. It was without hesitation that I hired her a third time after I purchased my house to oversee the remodel and decorate the space. She's done a terrific job and I still use her for advice whenever I want to update anything in my house. I give her the highest recommendation. 

Iris M.
We were interested in doing an update to our contemporary house. We interviewed several interior designers and liked Sabine's approach the best. She made suggestions but incorporated our ideas into hers and with enthusiasm. We visited many different furniture stores and Sabine pointed out what was appropriate and what was not. Our experience was a very pleasant one and we ended up with a house we loved even more. If you would like a talented designer who is always on time and with an international flair, Sabine would be perfect for you

Jerome O.
Sabine did a fantastic job helping me make the most of my new loft in Downtown Los Angeles. By definition, a loft is an open space, a blank page. Sabine partitioned it in a way that creates interesting, cosy spaces, yet making the most of volumes and taking advantage of the great downtown views. She then went on to decorating it, using some elements I had, and purchasing others. The result is a contemporary yet elegant space that I am thrilled to live in. All this was done quickly, efficiently, at a minimal cost. Emphasis on the fact that while being efficient and professional, Sabine is also a pleasure to work with: straight to the point, no surprise, and always a smile! Thank you Sabine!

Jordan S.
Sabine is terrific. Our house is 90 years old and was in need of a serious makeover. Sabine came in and looked and listened to what we wanted to do. Sabine came up with ideas that exceeded our expectations and even our imagination. She sketched designs. Brought over numerous samples for us to choose from and even had some pieces custom made. Everything came in on time and under budget-- when was the last time THAT happened? In short, I recommend Sabine for jobs big and small.

Daniel L.
We started working with Sabine about 2-3 years ago after we bought a somewhat dull traditional home that we wanted to be a "little less" traditional.  What a perfect match we found!!! She got what we were trying to do and has helped us realize it with just the right touch - it is a pleasure to work with her.  She has the most wonderful resources (painter, furniture maker, cabinet maker...) and her ideas and eye are exquisite.  Her patience knows no bounds; she listens and guides; Sabine is so responsive; her attention to detail and follow up shows how much she cares about her clients and the project - no matter how small.  She makes the process very enjoyable, gives us terrific advice and we love (her) and our house more and more.

Lawrence R.
Sabine is terrific.  Always willing to help, always listening to her customer and always bringing exquisite taste to the table in recommendations.  She is sensitive to budget and always has creative ideas.  She is dependable and pleasant to work with.  Our several now experiences with her were only positive.  She is a valuable resource and a wonderful find.