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Luxury Interior Design

Sabine's Interior Design creates remarkable residential interiors, whether it's for a client's house, condo or apartment, by combining texture, color, shape, scale and, when appropriate, period, to define their space, delight their senses and transform the ordinary into something quite extraordinary.

We use our knowledge, taste and experience to channel our client's dreams and expectations into a tangible reality that not only conveys their sense of style but also creates a uniquely designed interior that they will be proud to call home.

House Interior Design

Listening: The Essence Of Great Design

When meeting a potential client for the first time the single most important thing a designer can do is to listen, really listen, to what the client has to say. To listen to what the client or couple has to say as if their own design therapist.

If the interior to be designed is to be successfully realized, it is key for the designer to understand what clients need, like or dislike, what their dreams and expectations are, and what they are prepared to invest not only financially but in energy and time. It is equally important that the designer use this opportunity to create an understanding and appreciation for what is involved in the design and construction process.

It Takes Three To Tango

When our client is a couple, it is paramount that both individuals are carefully listened to; they need to feel they have an equal say in what's being created.  It is also the ideal time to see if there might be potential discrepancies between the parties in the design and realization process: forewarned is forearmed.

House, Condo & Apartment Interior Design

  • Hourly Consultation through Ground-Up Design & Construction
  • Existing & New Construction
  • Single Room through Complete Home

Interior Design Services

  • Floor Plan Evaluation
  • Space Planning
  • Finish & Fixture Design, Specification & Selection
  • Lighting Design & Fixture Selection
  • Furnishing/Furniture Selection & Design
  • Window Treatment Design
  • Supplier – Client Delivery & Installation Coordination
  • Art Purchase & Placement
  • Remodeling Documentation
  • Hourly Consultation

Complimentary Consultation

Sabine's Interior Design provides a complimentary consultation to individuals and companies. To schedule an appointment please give us a call at +1 (310) 962-8962 or fill out the Contact Information Form.